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      cMen t® Stone Veneer Mortar (cMent SVM) is a superior, lightweight, polymer-modified Portland cement mortar for exterior and interior installation of Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry Veneers (AMSMV), including natural and cultured stone, thin brick, or porcelain and granite tiles. Stone Universe Inc. Joints between stones should be a consistent ½" (13 mm) or less. Cement is poured into molds and the finish product is air brushed to give it the appearance of a naturally weathered stone. Northwoods River Rock Stone Veneer Northwoods River Rock is a premium quality manufactured stone veneer that features a vivid color pallet of rich tan, brown, rust, moss green and natural river rock. MVIS™ Pointing Mortar is factory prepared and designed to be mixed with water or Mortar Enhancer. thin stone veneer cost simply cover an existing fireplace with real thin stone natural weather veneer brick how much does. fieldstone , or quarried. With Brixment type N colored mortar, you can select a mortar color that complements your stone veneer. Samples can be provided for determination of size, shape, color and texture as it relates to the. QUIKRETE® Veneer Stone Mortar is a construction-grade mortar mix designed for veneer applications and tuck pointing of manufactured and natural stone. Over the past 25 years, Instone has risen as a leader in the thin veneer stone industry. estimatinG Your plY Gem stone project.

      Stone Veneer. The mortar can help highlight specific colors or it can highlight the individual shapes and sizes of the stone. They are rugged, but even stone veneers can be damaged through impact, or loosened by vibration. Eldorado Stone Introduces Two New Striking Colors in Stone Veneer Eldorado Stone has released two new colors that reflect the timeless beauty of nature, Whiskey Creek and Golden Oak, rounding out an already impressive palette of two popular national profiles. eldoradostone. Choosing a color for the mortar is a very important decision in the stone selection process. additives & mortar color Bond All Exterior : A brushable, water-based, exterior-grade, surface bonding agent designed to be applied to the substrate prior to applying cement based and gypsum mixes. Using a mason=s trowel, apply a 2@ thick even layer of ARTIFICIAL STONE MORTAR to the entire back of each stone. A high performance mortar designed to set and grout artificial stone on horizontal or vertical concrete or concrete masonry substrates. Veneer stone is about half the weight of same-sized real, natural stone. Check the grout between stones, if your veneer is grouted. Stone must be set within 30 minutes of applying mortar bed. ) Offers more color options than brick. Download the Full-Depth Veneer Installation Guide. Do not spread more than a workable area of 5 to 10 SF so that mortar will not set before stone is applied.

      Adding QUIKRETE Liquid Cement Color to standard gray veneer stone mortar can add a decorative accent to match or contrast the color of the stone. YOU GET 2-oz of EACH COLOR LISTED = 8-OZ TOTAL Perfect Sample Sizes to get familiar with colorant, These are our 4 most popular base colors that are used in stone, paver brick and tile formulas. Add a top coat of sealer, if desired. With natural stone and manufactured stone veneers, the options are limitless. Because NSVI is a natural stone product, shades may vary. 00 1796 Draped Bust, 2 12 Gold No Stars Quarter Eagle, Ngc Xf Detail, 897 Minted. Exterior stone veneers are installed with a water resistant barrier, metal lathe, fasteners and mortar. Learn more.

      Air Temperature: 40 degrees F (4 degrees C) or above during installation of natural thin veneer stone. You can fine-tune that beauty by selecting the grouting technique that best matches your design goals. mortar joint. Add ClipStone to virtually any interior or exterior wall and give your home that elegance and charm you. com/Newslette. Instone is a wholesale distributor of Thin Veneer Masonry products, selling exclusively through a Dealer Network. Look for cracks and loose mortar on the. Premium PCL Stone Veneer Mortar TVIS Premium PCL Stone Veneer Mortar is an economical pre-blended 3:1 mortar for use with thin veneer, veneer stone and natural stone masonry. We recommend rounding up on all approximations, to ensure you have enough material. MVIS Hi-Bond Veneer Mortar mixes easily with water and is formulated to achieve unsurpassed workability and adhesion. Being that it is manmade, you will find a higher level of consistency in the products colors and sizes.

      Page 2 of 3. Type S mortar is a premium mixture of ingredients that are routinely tested to meet the rigorous performance requirements of Structural Masonry. Wisconsin Weatheredge Stone Veneer Wisconsin Weatheredge is a premium quality manufactured stone veneer that features the rich cream colors and aged beauty of weathered stone. Stone Veneer Siding. It is available in several packaging options to provide savings in handling and mixing. Choosing a color for the mortar is a very important decision in the stone selection process. For a successful stone veneer installation, be sure to use Type S mortar meeting ASTM C 91 specifications. Preview Mortar Color with our SGS Mortar Color App! See how mortar truly affects any masonry surface.

      3 Veneer Cavities. From the Dakotas to Maine, we have partnered with some of the most respected and known companies in their local markets. It fuses together ease of installation, no mortar convenience, a rugged, traditional visual effect, and a colour selection you will love. Due to shade variations associated with individual color monitors and printers, we suggest utilization of our literature to review an actual Concentrated. MVIS™ Pointing Mortar is factory prepared and designed to be mixed with water or Mortar Enhancer. Clay bricks are fired at high temperatures, whereas concrete bricks are formed by the chemical interaction of Portland cement, sand, stone and water. as distributed by County Materials Corporation, which is located at:. The tool below to created to help you visualize and experiment with how mortar color can effect the appearance of Pinnacle Thin Stone Veneer. Apply #2076 Mortar Mix between the stones. These pieces coordinate perfectly with the textures, colours and integrity of Veneer stone.

      Eldorado Stone's extensive line of products - from individually manufactured stone veneers to brick veneers to panelized stacked stone veneer - are designed to complement a variety of architectural styles. mortar color; mortar color. It can be applied to many structurally sound and solid walls that can support the weight of the stone veneer, including masonry units, poured concrete or plywood*. Color to match Face Brick color and stucco color, a light tan. Cultured Stone® is a manufactured stone veneer that is used to add the look of stone to building exteriors or interior design with stone features such as a stone fireplace or stone accent wall. Every project created using stone is uniquely beautiful. * When using non premixed mortar, like Type N, M or S masonry cement, approximately 18 shovels or 200 lbs of fine masonry sand will be needed. An updated stone fireplace can transform any living space, adding rustic warmth and coziness. Used to surround a fireplace or for rustic contrast in a room, stone veneer used inside suffers none of the moisture problems inherent in exterior siding. This product is used to apply a number of different types of stones to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. 7 sq ft / 0. One of the most popular is lighting, which can be projected either upward, downward, or designed to back light the stone, and controlled for brightness and color.

      Mason's Mark Stone Veneer's new Country Ledgestone Quick Fit, is completely MORTAR-LESS. We also supply a smaller tinting kit for mortar which bonds with cement-based mortars to produce a durable natural finish that allows the joint to breathe. Quikrete 80 lb. so that the surface will accept the masonry veneer adhesive more readily. Mix joint compound of the same mortar mix used to set stone on concrete slab or use grout mix you prefer. Add a classic touch to your existing home with the innovative colors and textures of natural or cultured stone veneer. Is it Real, or is it Big Rock? Stone veneer is a lightweight cast rock facing, virtually impossible to distinguish from natural stone. This gives the work a very natural, casual appearance. Consistent, pre-blended mix. Pour in one-quarter bag of S-type veneer mortar mix designed for stone veneer. SAKRETE Stone Veneer Mortar is designed for setting manufactured or artificial stone in vertical applications. Download the Full-Depth Veneer Installation Guide. The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is committed to preserving and promoting the masonry industry by providing continuing education, advocating fair codes and standards, fostering a safe work environment, recruiting future manpower, and marketing the benefits of masonry materials. Northwoods River Rock Stone Veneer.

      Type S mortar is a premium mixture of ingredients that are routinely tested to meet the rigorous performance requirements of Structural Masonry. The molds are proprietary to GenStone which is why no other faux stone on the market looks as authentic in texture and color as GenStone faux stone veneer. Premium Stone Veneer Mortar - AMX 480. Polymer Modified Stone Veneer Mortar Spec Mix Weight: 80lbs bag SPEC MIX ® Polymer Modified Stone Veneer Mortar (PMSVM) is a technologically advanced adhered veneer mortar for use in bonding adhered manufactured stone veneer, natural thin cut stone and thin brick to a cementitious substrate. Call an RCP Block & Brick near you for available products and tips. The unique color of natural thin stone virtually eliminates the potential for repeating patterns on large projects. Thin Stone Veneer Installation Thin Stone Veneer Installation This guide is intended to be a starting point for your project. Avoid all mortar mix inconveniences. The weight averages 55-60 pounds per square foot,. SAKRETE® Cement Colors can be used to tint the mortar to complement, contrast or accent the various colors of the stone. For custom colors, give us a call at 330-877-2775 , or contact us online. Thin veneer stone is created by taking a full piece of stone and splitting it into a 1 1/2 inch thick pieces. The stone adds elegance and rustic charm to everything from your fireplace to the outside of your home. Veneer Stone: This product is a slurry of Portland cement, aggregates, and iron oxides "baked" in molds to look like stone.

      Add the liquid color to the mixing water and then mix colored water with dry mix. While stone veneer is not designed to be load-bearing, it can be used over nearly any solid wall including masonry units. Meets ASTM Specs C 387 and C 270. No mortar needed. Thin veneer are naturally occurring stones, sawn on the back-side to a 1”+/- nominal thickness in a variety of shapes allowing a naturally stacked stonewall appearance in a fast. 1 ORCO BLENDED PRODUCTS A Division of ORCO Block & Hardscape BASED ON VBM (VENEER BONDING MORTAR) MASONRY VENEER & PAVER INSTALLATION SYSTEM manufactured stone • natural stone • thin brick • precast concrete. , we are your one-stop shop for all your construction and masonry needs. Westbrook Stone Veneer Mortar is a special blend of Portland Cement, specially graded aggregates, acrylic polymers, and other additives designed to be used when installing a variety of manufactured and natural stone veneers. Available in traditional mortared stone and new “Mortarless” Screw on Panels. Pointing mortar can be purchased in stock colors or mixed with dye to produce a custom color or hue. Cement lends stability to the product; iron oxides provide pigments. Instone is a wholesale distributor of Thin Veneer Masonry products, selling exclusively through a Dealer Network. Cultured Stone (a Boral company trademark), architectural stone, veneer, and manufactured stone are different names for what is essentially the same product. metal lath.